Book Review – The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian


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I can’t think of writing much about this book at the very moment, I just finished reading this one.

To be straight to the point no doubt this book has been very well written. When I say very well written doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no flaws in this book. What irked me was the length of this book. I mean book like this could have been made much more concise rather than making it 358 pages one. I think minus the 58 pages and story related throughout the “Devikullam” & some “Vienna” episode should have shredded out a bit and made it more precise.

But never the less no complains, as I found it quite uninteresting, I just skipped those parts while reading, because it was acting like a drag on my reading speed. I had visioned to complete this book in matter of 3 days which I comfortably did it, but with compromises on my health. P.s. I’m not an avid reader or any sorts, so this continuous reading did take a toll on me, like eyes hurting, head bursting in pain to name a few, nevertheless here I’m writing a review not to complain about his work, just wanted to give my honest review on his book, as I read his earlier work ( if god was a banker ) which I really enjoyed reading. No doubt he’s called John Grisham of banking courtesy The Wallstreet Journal.
Anyways that’s all from me about this book, hope my review would be meaningful to all the readers. Criticisms regarding my review are most welcome.

At the end I would like to add that this book is definitely worth reading atleast once. I rate 4/5 on this book.


Great work

Cristian Mihai

Self-publishing isn’t for everyone. There are writers who are great at their craft – but they would fail if they’d self-publish, simply because they weren’t cut out for this. You can learn, from your own mistakes, from reading other self-publisher’s blogs, but the truth is that there’s no recipe, no universal formula. And there will never be one.

What’s maybe ironic is that it’s not the writing that makes the difference. Oh, far from it.

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What is the difference between Renminbi and Yuan?


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Recently i was reading an article on the currency swap between Bank of England with People’s Bank of China, and there I was kind of confused to their mention of Renminbi. Not that I didn’t knew about this as a Chinese currency, but at a same time I even recollected what was “Yuan” then, because even that is something known as currency of China. So I thought, like me, there would be couple of others too who would want to have some clarity on this subject, and hence this article.

According to Wikipedia:

Yuan: the basic unit of currency in China.

Renminbi: is the official currency of China (People’s Republic of China).


Now looking at this two above statements one would clearly get confused, so was I.

After studying about this currencies, i came up with a simple solution for everyone.

Here it goes.

-> Let’s take an hypothetical example, where imagine a country has Oil as its official currency, ie. they trade withing its regional border too in Oil for any goods/services.

-> Now, if you intend to buy or owe someone you wouldn’t just say, that you owe me 5 Oil. What I mean to say is that, there has to be some quantifying unit attached to it.

-> In this case, quantifying unit for Oil would be barrel. So now, you can mention like you owe me 5 barrels of oil.

-> The same way, longtime back in history, England did something like this. They made Sterling as its currency and Pound as its main unit. Today. thogh most people refer it to just as pounds.

-> So now back to China, in the same way, Renminbi is referred to as China’s currency. The units to the same are Yuan. So with relation to our example on oil, you would say you owe me 5 yuan and not 5 renminbi

So when is renminbi is used?

It is simply used when one denotes the chinese currency in abstract manner and not in a particular number of Yuan.

At current time the Fx rate stands at

1 USD = 6.22 CNY

My review on Sidney sheldon’s – “Angel of the dark”


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Although I’m not a good reviewer, I think it would be disgraceful from my side to not to put forward my views on something as good as this piece of art. I have read Sidney Sheldon like after quite a long time. And I realized what have I missed on for all this years.
This book in its own is so engrossing, engruelling, one can’t imagine of. And literally it is. I almost read this book in 2 days or so ( or may be 3 ) continuously throughout the weekends. And let me tell you, during some parts of this book I did even had goose bumps during night time while going through the book. I couldn’t take my eyes off from every sentence being read out in my mind. Though I would not like to divulge any plots to anyone, I would definitely suggest anyone & everyone to have a read at this book.

Gold Price at USD 1,678/Oz



Gold Price.

In what sounds like the setup for a stylish Hollywood heist movie, Germany is transferring 635 tonnes of gold bars worth $36 billion US from Paris and New York to its vaults in Frankfurt.

The move is part of an effort by Germany’s central bank to bring much of its gold home after keeping big reserves outside the country for safekeeping during the Cold War.

For the entire story click on the following link.

As i have been tracking this yellow metal since more than a year, with its price movements, its correlation to Dollar Index, the amount of reserves accumulated by the developed and top emerging countries, the yield curve of US treasury bills; one thing i have noticed and i would like to share with everyone. No matter how hard we push ourselves with the belief that the gold is related to above of the parameters it draws down to one simple conclusion.

Gold, which has been used as a better known tool for hedging purposes by many individuals, corporate and so do countries for that matter, it would be still be majorly driven by the appetite of speculators who have been the master players in this yellow metal. As long as they (speculators), keep up the bullish sentiment on this piece of metal, it would be difficult for gold to correct to its real value. Which brings me to belief that, the value of gold at present doesn’t represent its real intrinsic value. In a way, its more of a bubble over the years and may be sometime soon a large number of investors say it; individuals, corporate, countries or even for that matter speculators would start realizing this and would start re-positioning their portfolios to better/real return in coming year.


When you are go…


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When you are good at something never do that for free.

Heard of this before? Am sure its quiet known if you are a fan of Christopher Nolan’s Batman “The Dark Knight” movie. Yes, this quote was unquoted by none other than late legendary actor Mr. Heath Ledger.


So here’s my first post starting with remembrance of Mr. Heath Ledger. Till “The Dark Knight” i didn’t realized  that such a epitome of actor was their in Hollywood.