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I can’t think of writing much about this book at the very moment, I just finished reading this one.

To be straight to the point no doubt this book has been very well written. When I say very well written doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no flaws in this book. What irked me was the length of this book. I mean book like this could have been made much more concise rather than making it 358 pages one. I think minus the 58 pages and story related throughout the “Devikullam” & some “Vienna” episode should have shredded out a bit and made it more precise.

But never the less no complains, as I found it quite uninteresting, I just skipped those parts while reading, because it was acting like a drag on my reading speed. I had visioned to complete this book in matter of 3 days which I comfortably did it, but with compromises on my health. P.s. I’m not an avid reader or any sorts, so this continuous reading did take a toll on me, like eyes hurting, head bursting in pain to name a few, nevertheless here I’m writing a review not to complain about his work, just wanted to give my honest review on his book, as I read his earlier work ( if god was a banker ) which I really enjoyed reading. No doubt he’s called John Grisham of banking courtesy The Wallstreet Journal.
Anyways that’s all from me about this book, hope my review would be meaningful to all the readers. Criticisms regarding my review are most welcome.

At the end I would like to add that this book is definitely worth reading atleast once. I rate 4/5 on this book.